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Welcome to the website of Oak Field School and Sports College in Nottingham

The Spring term always brings the sense of renewal. As the days slowly lengthen we can look forward to the New Year with renewed spirit and energy and so it is at Oak Field School. 2018 is looking to be another exciting year for the students here. We have the excitement of working with The Royal Shakespeare Company, Matthew Bourne Dance Company and visits to the Royal Ballet at Covent Garden, our local theatres, galleries and museums. This is the term when we have many teaching students from a range of local universities and this is so important if we are to encourage teachers for the future. Their experience here will enhance their learning and understanding of working with children with learning and physical disabilities wherever they finally teach.

This term also sees the celebration of the 100 years of Votes for Women and as part of this we shall be considering the importance for everyone to have a voice. Our pupils are encouraged to understand that their views and feelings are important. We wish to instil greater confidence in the students so that they can get the very best out of life. Observing our students out in the community we can see that growing confidence.

A school such as Oak Field relies on the support of its families and the wider community and it is always heartening to see the support that we receive. So as the term marches on we will look forward to the many achievements and successes of our students at Oak Field

David S Stewart OBE D.Litt.h.c. DL

Head Teacher

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